A petition was filed against popular drama Ehd-e-Wafa recently in Lahore High Court. The petitioner was a law student namely Muhammad Zeeshan. The petition claimed that the drama is tarnishing Pakistan’s image by portraying politicians and media negatively. The petitioner requested the court to halt the upcoming episodes of the drama from being aired.

Justice Shahid Waheed, who was hearing the case, has stated that the petitioner should have referred the case to Pemra first. “If Pemra fails to respond to your case only then you can reach out to the court,” said Justice Waheed. As per reports, the judge has declared the petition unfit for hearing.

Upon being asked why the petitioner felt the need to file the petition, the petitioner said that the content of the drama made him feel sad as he believes the drama paints a negative image of Pakistan internationally.

The drama stars popular celebrities such as Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali and Osman Khalid Butt among others. It has been directed by Saife Hassan and airs on Hum Tv.

Previously, a petition was filed against popular drama Mere Paas Tum Ho as well. The petition claimed that the drama degrades women, it was later dismissed.


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