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Crime thriller Laal Kabootar has seen a fall on Monday which is not a good sign. Film has seen this fall despite positive reviews from popular news websites. The film opened with 30 lacs on day one which included premiere shows. This was a decent figure given that the film had no major names attached to it.

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The film raked in 25 lacs on its day 2 which was a pick of around 60-70% in real terms if we exclude premier shows from first day’s business.

However, it dived on its third day to 22 lacs and wrapped up its first Weekend around 77 lacs approx.

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Monday was very important for the film, as it would indicate how the film is anticipated to do ahead however Monday has seen a significant fall.

Laal Kabootar should have raked in similar numbers on Monday as it did on Friday, in order to have chances at the boxoffice. However, the film has seen a fall of over 25% from Friday even if we exclude the business of premiere shows from Friday. The film has raked in 12 lacs on Monday taking its grand total to 89lacs approx.

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This means trouble for Laal Kabootar, as figures are not anticipated to get better in the Weekdays.

Below is film’s daily business breakdown

Friday(includes Premiere Shows).. 30 lacs
Saturday.. 25 lacs
Sunday.. 22 lacs
Monday.. 12 lacs

Total: 89 lacs


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