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Crime thriller Laal Kabootar has closed its second week.The film did decent business during its first week, and have managed to maintain a good hold even during its second week.

Laal Kabootar Box Office Collection for 2nd Monday

The film has definitely seen a fall for sure. From the first week the film has witnessed 36 % fall, which is a decent fall and was also anticipated. Although the film had the chance to maintain number near the first week’s collection, since the first week didn’t see that much box office collection either!

Weekend Boxoffice Collection of Project Ghazi, SherDil & Laal kabootar

The complete breakdown of the entire week is as follows:

Week 1.. 1.29 Crore

Week 2.. 82 lacs

Total..2.11 Crore

Ahmed Ali Akbar in Laal Kabootar

Laal Kabootar movie review

The film should have gone over 1.25 crore in second week, however 82 lacs is not that bad, either. Had it made the ideal total the film could have earned a lifetime total of 3-4 crore, now we can expect that film will hit 3 crore at the most!

Us 2nd Weekend: Pulls Off A Rarity

Now that this weekend will see release of two superhero films Captain Marvel and Shazam! we can expect the film to take a hit. It is crucial for the film to hold well during this weekend as it will determine its future run, i.e. whether it stay in cinemas or get taken off.

Weekend Forecast: Face Off Between Captain Marvel & SherDil

Its number of shows has been chopped down and given to Captain Marvel and Shazam! . The number of shows dedicated to the film will also be determined on the weekend performance.

Despite Captain Marvel, SherDil sold huge no. of shows over the weekend


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