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Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar starrer Laal Kabootar released this Friday opposite the Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan starrer SherDil. Crime Thriller Laal Kabootar catered to niche audiences while SherDil targets a wide universal audience.

Opening Weekend Business Of SherDil

Last year in the last Week of March, family drama Cake was released. Cake also targeted a niche audience. The film raked in 1.1 crores approx in it’s Opening Weekend in Pakistan. Cake was also a Footprint release like Laal Kabootar. However, Cake faced a better release scenario and it also had a better face value. Cake released at a time when cinemas were throbbing with activity.


Laal Kabootar managed a good pick on Day Two whereas Cake had seen very good pick on Sunday. Below is the daily boxoffice comparison of both the films of their first three days.

Us Movie Opening Weekend Business In Pakistan

Laal Kabootar (Inclusive Of Premiere Shows).. 30lacs
Cake.. 30lacs

Laal Kabootar.. 25lacs
Cake.. 35lacs

Laal Kabootar.. 22lacs
Cake.. 45lacs

Laal Kabootar.. 77lacs
Cake.. 1.1cr

Laal Kabootar

Cake saw a decent hold over the Weekdays and in the following Weeks. It ended it’s run around 6.5 crores approx. Laal Kabootar will need better hold over the Weekdays as its trending is not as strong as Cake and release scenario of the film is not very friendly either.


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