Laal Kabootar

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Crime thriller Laal Kabootar has been doing decent business at the box office. As the film has entered its third week, a fall in the collection was anticipated.

Laal Kabootar movie review

There has been a fall in the number of shows which is why the collection has also seen a fall. There have been two new releases this week that have divided the shows given to SherDil and Laal Kabootar.

The following is the complete breakdown of the box office collections:

Week 1.. 1.29 Crore

Week 2.. 82 lacs

Third Weekend..30 lacs

Total..2.41 crore

Mansha Pasha in Laal Kabootar
Mansha Pasha in Laal Kabootar

The 2 weekend had raked 56 lacs , so that means that the third weekend has witnessed a fall of 46%. This fall is not that huge and it can be anticipated that as the film progresses the collections will further fall.

Laal Kabootar Box Office Collection for 2nd Monday

The film has slowed down, which could have been anticipated even if there had not been any new releases this weekend. The niche audience film has done commendable so far.


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