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Finally after five days of it’s release, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha starrer Laal Kabootar has hit the 1 crore mark in domestic market. Film is holding on lower levels on Weekdays. In an ideal situation, the film should have hit this 1 crore mark over the Weekend.

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Film still has slim chances at the boxoffice and to avail those chances film will need a pick in Week two, by recording better numbers compared to its first Week.

There are very less chances of this happening as Laal Kabootar has been on the lower levels in its first Week. Nevertheless, the film has a good amount of shows in Week two therefore the film will be trying its luck in Week two. If fate be, the film can still pull off a rarity by registering better numbers in Week two.

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Film has collected around 1 crore approx in five days and that too with the inclusion of premiere shows. If we exclude premiere shows then the film is still less on 1 crore and will cross the 1 crore mark on Thursday.

Nevertheless, the film has not crashed either, as there is a slight pick on Tuesday, the film is getting some shows and there is hence hope for the film.

Below is film’s daily approximate business.

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Friday (Includes Premiere Shows).. 30lacs
Saturday.. 25lacs
Sunday.. 22lacs
Monday.. 12lacs
Tuesday.. 13+lacs
Total.. 1 crore


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