Critic Rating

Writer: Irfan Ahmed Shams

Director: Irfan Aslam

Producer: T.S media

The episode started showing Sobia (Ghana Ali) reacting furiously when she gets to know that Mustafa (Shehroz Sabzwari) and Sabeen ( Momal Khalid) loves each other. On the other hand, Mustaf’s mother is planning to fix Sabeen’s engagement as soon as possible because she hates Sabeen due to some unrevealed reason and doesn’t want her to marry her son.

Shah Zain ( Junaid Khan) is also gradually getting involved in Sabeen. Mustafa arrives at the time of engagement but her mother takes her outside and tells him to stay silent and don’t ruin their family’s reputation. Mustafa remains silent for the sake of Sabeen and his family’s reputation and the engagement got fixed. The episode ends at an interesting note where Shah Zain confesses her love for Sabeen.

Kyunke Ishq Baraye Farookht Nahi is a story of the love triangle between three cousins; Sabeen, Shah Zain and Mustafa. Sabeen and Mustafa are madly in love with each other but Mustafa’s mother hates Sabeen due to an unrevealed secret related to Sabeen’s life. Will their love win the battle of hatred or will they have to sacrifice their feelings?

The drama serial is very well directed and nicely written. It has a talented cast who are performing their characters with great perfection. Dialogues of the serial are also very well written. Junaid Khan is portraying a character of a young, established and rich businessman who is very arrogant and is performing his character flawlessly.

Junaid Khan is a great addition to Pakistani drama industry as he has given many hit drama serials including his recent hits Sun Yaara and Ishq Tamasha. He is also doing a great job as a singer. Ghana Ali is portraying a negative character quite well. Shehroz Sabzwari and Momal Khalid are also doing justice to their roles. Shah Zain’s dressing and his lifestyle are perfectly depicting a young rich businessman.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot more. What will Sabeen’s reaction to Shah zain’s confession? What will Mustafa do to make his mother accept Sabeen and his relationship?

Strong direction, good storyline and talented cast make this serial a must watch.


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