Critic Rating

Writer: Irfan Ahmed Shams

Director: Irfan Aslam

Producer: T.S media

Sabeen (Momal khalid) attempts suicide as she is emotionally burdened. Sobia (Ghana Ali) is cunningly trying to win Mustafa over by pretending to be nice. She acts as if she is in favor of Sabeen and him being together whereas in reality she is trying to separate them.

Mustafa and Sabeen’s father rush to the hospital, Shahzain (Junaid Khan) also arrives there. He blames Mustafa for Sabeen’s condition and gets angry at him for bringing Sabeen in such an underprivileged hospital. He then arranges a famous doctor for her. His concern for Sabeen, makes Sobia curious and she discusses it with Mustafa that Shah Zain might be interested in Sabeen. Shah Zain on the other hand tells her mother that he likes Sabeen and wants to marry her. Episode ended at a scene where Sabeen’s father informs her that he has fixed his marriage with Mustafa while Mustafa’s mother (Beena Chaudhary) gets anxious upon hearing this.

Kyunke ishq barae barae farokht nahi is a love triangle between three cousins. It highlights the miseries of a girl whose mother died during her childhood and she was taken care of by a prostitute. Being a girl with this sort of history she had to suffer a lot and she might also lose her love interest Mustafa because of this bitter truth of her life. The serial has a powerful script and is directed very well. Each scene has the potential to grab the audience’s attention. Dialogues are written in such a manner that they leave an impact on the viewers. Some dialogues from today’s episode were very impactful specially the one spoken by Mustafa’s mother; “Khabardar us galazat ke dhair ko meri betion se mat milaen, maine us larki ko apne ghar ki char diwari me to bardasht karlia magar use apne ghar ki baho kabi nahi bna sakti”.

As far as the performances are concerned this serial has a good mix of talented actors including Shehroz Sabswari who is performing his character flawlessly. Junaid khan has given an amazing performance. Momal Khalid is pretty good as Sabeen. Supporting cast of the serial including Ghana Ali and Beenish Chaudhary are also a good addition to the serial.

What will Sahah zain’s reaction upon knowing that Sabeen’s marriage has already been fixed with Mustafa, be? What will be Mustafa and Sabeen’s future be? Will Nafeesa let this bond to build?

Strong direction, good storyline and talented cast make this serial a must watch.



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