Kylie Jenner youngest self made billionaire

Kylie Jenner, the make up mogul, and famous Kardashian sister has enjoyed the spotlight since her teens. The young diva has been often caught in controversy every other day.

Recently Forbes termed her as the Youngest ever self made billionaire. Previously the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg held the title, however Kylie beats Zuckerberg by securing the title at just 21.

The title announcement was rapidly followed with massive criticism and here is what Twitteratis have to say about the status!

People are mocking her big time and also those who agree with the title!

Some are even doubting her net worth and her assests!

Some are even making memes!!!

However not all had criticism, in fact some made valid points like how Kylie should not be bashed for the title, as she hasn’t termed herself as “self-made”

And some used the news for self pity!

People surely have a lot to say about the issue what do think?


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