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Ilyas Kashmiri directed Kun Fya Kun aired its second episode on Hum Tv last night and the episode featured some very strong performances. Serial is just two episodes old and the director has already created a good impact with the story line and characterization.

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Second episode had a very straightforward and simple story but it featured very strong performances from the whole set of cast. From simplicity of Imran Abbas and Alizeh Shah to the lively performance of Zarnish it was a very impressive episode performance wise. All the senior members of the cast gave powerful performances especially the grand mother of Alizeh and Imran Abbas portrayed by Azra Mansoor.

Episode had some very strong dialogues and had a very good flow of scenes and story telling. It creates a very solid impact. Latest Episode also gives out a strong message regarding love of a mother. Writer Qaisera Hayat has done a good job by keeping the dialogues simple but inspiring. She has kept a very good flow of dialogues in every scene and the actors have further added to soul to the story by giving very solid performances.

From Imran Abbas, Alizeh Shah, Zarnish to senior cast members to the supporting characters everyone has given a sound performance but its Azra Mansoor who stood out the most. Director Ilyas has done a very good job with the story telling as the flow between all the scenes is very smooth. The story blends well with performances making this episode a highly emotional must watch episode.

The best scene was when Azra Mansoor gathers her sons and their wives and tell them she doesn’t want their money anymore. That scene had simple but very impactful dialogues and initiated the array of high toned emotional scenes which were excellently depicted by all actors.

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Best Performer Of The Episode.

Azra Mansoor is our best performer of the episode. Playing the grand mother of Imran Abbas, Zarnish and Alizeh Shah, she has played the character smoothly and convincingly. Her expressions and dialogues were strong and inspirational.

Overall, it was a highly emotional, inspirational and a striking episode. Drama has some very strong performances and it has potential to turn out to be a hit in coming days provided the story doesn’t get routine and dragged.


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