Krishna Views, a popular Indian web channel that creates amusing reaction videos on various aspects of different countries from all over the globe, also posted their reaction on Epk’s video due to high demand.

The duo shared their intriguing reaction on Epk’s video regarding Pakistani actors who have made it big in Hollywood.

Krishna and Shilpa, among many other such YouTubers who continue to spread peace and love despite political tensions, through their content are certainly worthy of love and applaud!

Amidst aggravated tensions due to political agendas, Krishna and Shipa have frequently been posting their reacts on several aspects of Pakistan’s popular culture among other things, regardless of politics.

Most recently, the web channel posted their emotional reaction on when Pakistani and Indian people helped each other, just 4 days ago.

It is a heartwarming video that promotes peace and love amidst troubles times.

Recently, following protests on Modi’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), many Muslims have been targeted in India, in an attack which has been said to be Delhi’s worst religious violence in decades.

People like Krishna and Shilpa prove that the general public at both sides of the border only want peace.

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They have done several react videos on Pakistan including on Pakistan’s street food, celebrities, languages, hidden talents, hospitality, singers, cities, movies and so much more.

Watch Their Reaction On Epk’s Video Here:


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