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Directed By: Siraj ul Haq

Written By: Maha Malik


This week’s episode was about Gulshan discovering the real face of Nishal. Uptill now she and her daughter Sobi have been all praises about Nishal’s beauty and sense of fashion etc, which shows what a shallow group of people they are. But it looks like fate has planned something harsh for them. Given, that Nishal is not like Rabail in her demeanor, looks like the mother-daughter duo will have to learn the hard way.

In this whole scenario, another fact that was rightly highlighted by the writer was that most mothers-in law sought for “obedient” bahus (daughters-in law). If she (daughters-in law) starts questioning your decisions or don’t agree with you on matters than she is labelled the evil bahu, who will snatch your son from you: a common household story. So as we all know Gushan is no innocent woman and is as selfish as our main antagonist Nishal. She got what she asked for.

Meanwhile, its honeymoon time for Zain and Nishal. Like any new married couple they can only focus on themselves while singing happy songs of love. Amidst their happiness they were quick to forget about Rabail. Rabail did show resilience in the last episode, but her husband and his new wife’s indifference towards her feelings is finally taking its toll on her. After seeing Rabail shed her damsel-in-distress cloak last week, I had high hopes from her. But it looks like that in some corner of her heart she still is hopeful that Zain would come back to her and leave Nishal.


Imran Abbas and Areeba Habib


Nishal has started showing her true colors to Zain’s family. She is shown to be an extremely self-absorbed girl who cares only about her own self and what she wants. Even after breaking Zain’s and Rabail’s marriage, she is not happy with her current living situation and wants Zain to get rid of his family. On the other hand Zain, the spineless man that he is, has thankfully a little respect left for his widowed mother and sister and has not given in to her demand yet. But the way he agrees with Nishal on everything, it only looks like a matter of time.



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A character that leaves me shocked every time with her audacity is Nafeesa mami. She is not only supporting her daughter in her wrongdoing but is also advising her on how to get rid of Rabail. No wonder where Nishal gets her malicious, evil genes from. The biggest irony of this drama and sadly an accurate depiction of our society is the fact that: aurat hi aurat ki sab se bari dushman hai (a woman is the biggest enemy of a woman). Be it Nafeesa, Gulshan, Sobi or Nishal, they can’t stop attacking Rabail. Another lesson to be learnt is for people like Rabail. We live in a world where the majority is focused mainly on their own well being. No one should allow anyone to take advantage of oneself. Kindheartedness shouldn’t tantamount to stupidity so much so that the individual starts hurting himself/herself in the whole process.

Will Nishal succeed in her plans? Will Rabail’s goodness triumph? To find out keep watching Koi Chand Rakh every Thursday on ARY Channel!


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