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Directed by: Siraj ul Haq

Written by:  Maha Malik


Episode 19 of Koi Chand Rakh was as exciting as the last one. While Nishal(Areeba Habib) and Zain (Imran Abbas) are enjoying each other’s company, Rabail (Ayeza Khan) is broken. No woman can share her husband with another woman, and in Rabail’s situation that woman is her sister-like cousin. Never could she have ever imagined that she would be stabbed in the back by Nishal. Her Utopian dream didn’t end on a happy note. It’s high time now that she takes a stand for herself after being used by everyone to serve their mean purposes.

After what her daughter did I thought Nafees mami would be a little ashamed on her behavior with Rabail. But she is Nafeesa after all. Her insensitivity towards Rabail touched new heights. When Umair (Muneeb Butt) asks his parents’ to visit Zain’s house in order to resolve the whole issue, she outrightly refuses. According to her, all that happened was with Zain’s consent and since now both their daughters are there therefore it would be inappropriate for them to interfere in Rabail’s family matters. That woman is still protecting her stubborn, arrogant daughter. How can she be so heartless?  Asad mamu was quick to follow suit after his exaggerated revolver stunt last week.



Nishal starts to show her true colours. No one can reach her level of wickedness and arrogance. She wants to hear from Zain that how wonderful a spouse she is for him as compared to Rabail. Ironically, she tells him that she can’t share him with anyone when she has been a home wrecker herself. Nishal is so delusional about herself. She believes that Rabail deserves whatever is happening with her. Since childhood she has deprived Nishal of her family’s affection which was rightfully only hers, and she is justified in stealing Zain from Rabail.



Meanwhile Gulshan is worried about Rabail, only because she wants an heir for the family. When Rabail leaves the house she asks Zain to bring her back. Nishal overhears their conversation and gets furious. She behaves rudely with her mother in-law and tells her that Zain and his house are now Nishal’s responsibility, and she should not manipulate Zain with unnecessary talk. Nishal’s attitude finally opens Gulshan’s eyes. She realizes how kind and well mannered Rabail was. Zain and his whole family are a group of extremely shallow people. All they could ever do was compare Rabail to Nishal. How Nishal is more beautiful, how she is more lively, how well dressed she is compared to Rabail. But they don’t know that the grass is always greener on the other side! It’s high time now they get a taste of their own medicine.

After seeing his dear Rabi Ji in pain, Umair puts aside his grief. He tries to boost Rabail’s lost confidence in herself. Umair has truly loved Rabail. He knows all the faults of her personality. How she never makes pomp and show of her capabilities? How she allows others to use her as a tissue paper, use and then discard? It was good to see Umair back in action. But why his dad has to point out again and again that he didn’t prove himself a good brother to Rabail? How he feels about Rabail everyone knows. Everyone should stop dragging this brother-sister subject now. Can’t wait to watch how Rabail fights his way back into this game which Nishal started.


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