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Directed by: Siraj ul Haq

Written by:  Maha Malik


With some expected and some unexpected twists, this weeks’ episode of Koi Chand Rakh provided the right dose of entertainment. Starring the famous onscreen couple of Ayeza Khan (Rabail) and Imran Abbas (Zain), it’s the newbie Areeba Habib (Nishal), as the main antagonist, who has come forward as the main surprise package.

In this week’s episode, Nishal is over the moon after marrying Zain and lets no one spoil her moment of glory. When her brother Umair (Muneeb Butt) blames her for ruining Rabi Jee’s life she bluntly tells her that he has no say in her life.



Zain’s mother and sister Sobia, while shopping in the mall, out of the blue come face to face with Zia. They confront him for fleeing from his engagement and he finally accepts that all he did was in pure vengeance and, that he only wanted to ruin Zain’s life. The mother daughter duo, are left shocked when he informs them about Zain and Nishal’s secret Nikkah. I wish they realize how much injustice they have done with Rabail by holding her responsible for the whole engagement fiasco. Zain’s mother is in for another surprise when Rabail informs her about her pregnancy. She becomes genuinely happy which is a rare sight since hardly anyone is pleased with Rabail.

At last, the bombshell explodes on Nishal’s parents’ too when they come to know of her Nikkah through Umair.  Nafeesa is shocked beyond words while Asad mamu is so enraged that he holds a gun to Nishal’s head. I believe that that scene could have been done without the whole gun thing too. Nishal is shown to be her parents’ beloved daughter and this sudden change of feelings doesn’t go in sync with their past equation. Meanwhile, Nishal is as gutsy as her brat husband Zain, and instead of accepting her mistake she shamelessly lectures her father. It is high time now for Nafeesa mami to come to her senses. She along with her daughter did not leave any chance to insult and blame Rabail for whatever wrong happened in their house. Let’s see if the current circumstances change her perspective of things.



Finally, poor Rabi Jee’s daydream ends. She was hoping that her pregnancy news would soften Zain but before she could surprise him, she herself is surprised. Nishal goes to Zain’s place after being thrown out of her house by her father. There she and Zain break the news of their marriage to Rabail.

Nishal and Zain, are a match made in heaven as neither of them are willing to accept their mistakes. Both are equally stubborn and this will create problems in their marital life. A thing most of us won’t mind seeing. A good dose of karma is what they need. The success of any actor truly shines through when they are hated or loved for the character they portray onscreen. Areeba Habib has managed to do so for I can’t stop loathing Nishal more and more with each new episode.

Can’t wait to see what new surprise does the next episode holds. Fingers crossed till then!



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