Critic Rating

Directed by: Siraj ul Haq

Written by:  Maha Malik


This week’s episode dragged on a bit for me. And despite a major twist, the drama did nothing to enhance the viewer’s interest.

So, another misery is added to Rabail’s already wretched life, when Zain calls her a characterless person after getting to know about Umair’s love for her. He ends their discussion by saying that now he won’t be able to fulfill his dying father’s wish, as he believes that she was equally involved with Umair and was making a fool out him. For heaven’s sake, does that man even has a conscience let alone a moral one? He is having an extramarital affair with his wife’s cousin, and still has the guts to blame his wife without even attempting to know the whole truth. He is shown to be a man of poor judgement, who only believes what he wants to believe and what is beneficial for him.



Nishal continues her drama of innocence.  Through her sweet talk, she coaxes an already fuming Zain in getting married to her.

Unfortunately for our hopeless lover Umair, he was present at the wrong place at the wrong time. So Rabail now believes that it was him who had spilled the beans about his own feelings to Zain. Because of this misunderstanding Umair faces her anger and she refuses to listen to him when he goes to inform her about Nishal and Zain’s Nikkah. Nafeesa talks nicely to Rabail when she goes to visit her ailing mamu, when just in the last episode she considered Rabail the reason for her broken home. Nafeesa mami’s character looks a little delirious to me.



Zain and his family continue to execrate Rabail behind her back; blaming her ruthlessly for the mistakes she hasn’t committed, and Zain brazenly joins in. Everyone is innocent in this drama except Rabail.  Zain also comes to know that he is going to become a father. How he discloses this news to Nishal, his new wife, will be a funny thing to watch; since he has always maintained in front of Nishal that he has no interest in Rabail.

Imran Abbas is an actor of great caliber, but except for raising his eyebrows in most scenes and showing annoyance his character hasn’t been directed well. Similar is the case with Ayeza Khan’s character. She could be so much more than just being the damsel in distress. In the future, let’s hope both of them are given are chance to show their acting prowess’.


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  1. Muhammad Ilyas February 15, 2019

    This drama tell us the world can not forgive any mistake only Allah tallah can forgive his creature especially human at any mistake.