Critic Rating

Writer: Maha Malik

Director: Siraj-ul-Haq

Produced by: iDream Entertainment

The latest episode started on a depressing note, Rabail (Aiza Khan) being told by Zain (Imran Abbas) that there is a certain type among women which he admires and that Rabail is certainly not that type. Zain’s father (Tanveer Jamal) then enters to find Rabail alone and advises her to remain strong, which sounded a bit pathetic because the scene reinforced the idea that women have to surrender and sacrifice even if their husbands hate them. But the father’s concern turns out real when on the day when Rabail’s family brings breakfast, he catches Nishaal (Areeba Habib) and Zain expressing their love for each other, sharing romantic moments and Zain stating it very clear that he finds Rabail unattractive. The father faces a heart attack and is then taken to the hospital, where he refuses to let Zain touch him and also tells him that he heard him saying that he doesn’t like Rabail. On getting to know that Zain still loves her and hates Rabail, Nishaal shows extreme happiness while she is alone, but at the same time, comes across her inner-self who tells her that she is being selfish. But again, she tries to calm her humane self-down by saying to herself that she is justified in doing whatever she is doing.

The episode mostly focused on Tanveer Jamal and the stress he is going through as a result of his son’s activities. His condition in the latter half of the episode presented the relieving idea that he is not shameless like many in our society who wed their sons to other people’s daughters and then leave the couple on their own. His heart attack tells that he is guilty before Rabail and worried about her future. The other pitiable character is that of Zia, who still hasn’t realized that he is being fooled but thinks that Nishaal genuinely loves him.

The episode was fine in its execution as always. One thing which seemed lacking was the décor of the house the very next day of the wedding. Naturally, decoration marks are left in the house at various places after a wedding takes place. But Zain’s house was completely simple. Also, in our culture, when breakfast is taken to the bride’s house, it is not only the parents and siblings but also some important relatives who go along. In the breakfast scene, it was only Rabail’s mamoo, maami and Nishaal and no one else. Here, the direction seemed a bit flawed and it did not look like a scene of a Pakistani wedding having taken place.

Apart from this, everything was perfect, the story also marking major changes, those in Rabail’s life as well as in Nishaal’s, who now seems to ponder upon her actions. The symbolism in Rabail’s dull dressing, that of her colorless life and dull future were admirable, revealing the writer’s imagination and her commendable art of writing. There is a consistency in the presentation of the serial which makes it look the same without any disturbance or change that may appear as upsetting.


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