Critic Rating

Writer: Maha Malik

Director: Siraj ul Haq

Producer: iDream Entertainment

The latest episode had three important events in it. One was the panic created by Umair (Muneeb Butt) on Rabail’s (Aiza Khan) Mehndi. He sets his books on fire and the smoke that ensues grabs the attention of all the guests, ruining the function. The other important event was Nishaal’s growing flirtatious attitude towards Zia just for making Zain (Imran Abbas) jealous and unfortunately, Zia taking it serious without realizing it that he is just being used.  Considering that Sobia, Zain’s sister is genuinely interested in Zia, another love triangle thus develops in the story, involving Nishaal, Zia and Sobia. The third and last event of the episode was Zain once again growing furious on Nishaal and Zia and then being made to realize by Nishaal that his anger shows that he still loves her, otherwise her inclination towards Zia would never have mattered for him. To further aggravate the situation, Zain’s father happens to witness the fight between Zain and Nishaal and grows concerned.

While most of the scenes seemed to revolve around Nishaal except for the Mehndi scene, all of them suggested one thing; Rabail’s future is not going to be very good, for Umair’s act on the Mehndi function has already left a negative impact and we know that a second man, no matter how much wrong, is not held reprehensible in our society  but it is the woman whose character is pointed at. The fight between Nishaal and Zain and Zain’s reflection on her statements also suggested that he really isn’t interested in Rabail and might not be able to keep her happy. Also, all the family members have already started to blame Rabail for the happenings and Umair’s mother saying to Rabail that she will forgive her if Umair becomes lively again was said in politeness but seemed something unfair to say to Rabail.

Overall, the story and the situations of “Koi Chand Rakh” seem quite filmy, but knowing that Maha Malik has given us some realistic and amazing dramas, we do not look at this drama serial as bad but as a proof of the variety which the writer has to present. Moreover, a good cast, bright and pleasant lighting and a clean look of the drama go well with the kind of story it has.

Two scenes in today’s episode, however, seemed redundant. One was Nishaal’s dance scene on the Mehndi function. It just seemed a way to extend the episode or to put glamour, for it was “in-the-face” and since Nishaal was the only one dancing so happily despite her hatred for Rabail, the scene seemed useless and meaningless. The second such scene, and one which was also pathetic was the camera-men and video-makers running along with the family members towards Umair’s room and filming the family’s highly personal conversation. Had they been present only as onlookers, it would have been bearable because that happens in our society, but professional men making videos of it didn’t come as something very comforting. It can be justified only if it is a basis for the creation of more problems in Rabail’s married life.


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