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“Koi Chand Rakh” is an ARY serial written by Maha Malik and directed by Siraj-ul-Haq. It stars Aiza Khan, Imran Abbas, Muneeb Butt and Areeba Habib in the leading roles.

In the latest episode of “Koi Chand Rakh”, a very filmy dinner party takes place, full of interesting events and encounters. Zain’s (Imran Abbas) in-laws invite him and his parents to their house. Nishaal (Areeba Habib), in order to divert people’s attention towards her, dresses up in a flamboyant manner so that she may look more beautiful than Rabail (Aiza Khan). When she fails at gaining the desired outcome and watches Zain giving all his attention to Rabail, she starts flirting with Zain’s friend, Zia to make him jealous.

While over there, Zain does not show a lot of anger but releases it at coming back and threatening Zia to stay away from Nishaal. The dinner ends at Rabail’s mamoo fixing the date of her wedding with Zain after a month which greatly upsets Zain’s parents and sister but they are forced to accept it because Zain shows no hesitation in accepting that date, his primary concern being to make Nishaal jealous at any cost.

What happens as a result is that Zain’s family starts mistrusting Rabail’s character after seeing that her family is quick in making every decision related to her. To further aggravate the situation, Umair (Muneeb Butt), from whom the family decides to hide the date fixing until a few days before marriage, arrives after leaving university and catches Rabail selecting her wedding card.

What moves the story further is Zain’s sister, Sobia’s increasing interest in Zia and Zia’s inclination towards Nishaal, not knowing that he is being used, thus creating another love triangle. It was also an emotional episode, considering how Zain shows quickness in fixing his wedding date but then locks himself up and shows anger at his friend for accepting the advances of Nishaal, telling how he is still interested in her and creating a fear about the coming life of Rabail. Will Rabail be able to gain sincere love from Zain? Will Zain accept her fully or regret his decision later on? What will be the reaction of Umair on the wedding day?

The strength of the episode lied in one event i.e. the dinner party acting as a platform for all the characters to express all of their feelings, be they of love, jealousy or anger. It was a bit of a melodramatic episode made interesting by strong dialogues and newly made love triangles which keep moving the story forward.


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