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You Asked: Why is Mahira Khan on number 8 in EPK power list, whereas Hania Aamir is at number 6? That’s shocking!

EPK:- Please understand that EPK power list is purely based on the boxoffice numbers of films, which released in Pakistan. Media can say various things but to gauge star power of film stars, there is only one way i.e. measuring boxoffice business of their films. As for our EPk Powerlist, the gross total of Mahira Khan’s films is lesser than the gross total of Hania Aamir’s films in Pakistan. Even if we combine the business of Mahira Khan’s last three films i.e 7 Din Mohabbat In, Verna and Ho Mann Jahaan, it still does not equate the business of Hania Aamir’s last film Parwaaz hai Junoon. Had Mahira Khan’s Raees been released in Pakistan then Mahira Khan’s rank would have risen significantly. 

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You Asked: You said that Dhoom 3, Sultan and Jab Tak Hai Jaan had seen a truly bumper start in Pakistan. But which one of these had the bigger start?

EPK:- All three had taken a thunderous start in Pakistan. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was the first film which made 1cr in a  day whereas Dhoom 3 was the first film to hit 2cr and Sultan was the first film to breach 3cr and 4cr in a single day in Pakistan. Sultan got the push of solo Eid release but still its numbers were unimaginable. All three stand as biggest starts but Sultan can be called biggest opener among the three, followed by Dhoom 3 and Jab Tak Hai Jaan respectively.


You Asked: Which is the most popular drama currently playing on television?

Epk: Romeo Weds Heer written by Dr Yonis Butt has been rating exceptionally well. It is the top rating drama in Pakistan currently. Therefore, it can be said to be the most popular drama in demand. 

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  1. Guest November 27, 2018

    Oh yes working in a multi starter is the same as others Carring a film on their in shoulder??? Phj,jpna,nma were all multistarer. If mehwish had more pull load wedding would not not failed at box office when faced with jpna and phj.

  2. Guest November 27, 2018

    Star power FYI is salman drawing ppl to the box office for a crap movie like race 3 or amir for toh. Mahira has box office pull she was able to make bad films make money. Going by your logic load wedding should have done better because it had bigger stars but it failed stardom . How can you decide stardom based on multi starter movies it's bogus criteria