We are back with Know it all, a segment designed specifically for our audience. In this segment, we answer 3 questions that you ask regarding the showbiz industry. Following are the 3 questions which you asked, this week.


Question: Pinky Memsaab is releasing this weekend, how well can it be expected to perform?

Answer: Pinky Memsaab is one of those films which largely depends upon its Weekend growth and then the hold it manages to acquire on the Weekdays. Which means, the film’s performance will depend upon the word of mouth it generates. Film has got a good release date as there are no other major releases with it, this will allow it to have a good amount of shows. If the content clicks well with the audience, then it can show good growth and can end with good first week.


Question: Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan have done multiple Indian films which were huge grossers then how come they are not in the top ten of the EPK Power List?

Answer: EPK Power list is purely based on the gross total of films released in Pakistan. We have calculated the gross of Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan’s films each however their films have not been huge grossers in Pakistan, hence they are not in top 10. Ali Zafar is at number 11 and as he releases his next film, he is very likely to enter top 10. Fawad Khan has Khoobsurat and Kapoor & Sons in his baggage but both did not fare exceptionally in Pakistan and therefore he is currently at number 21. Again, if Fahad Khan’s upcoming film lives up to its expectations then he has chances of entering the top 10 too.


Question: Can you make a power list for dramas?

Answer: That is actually not possible. As a power list of films is made on box office numbers. People pay for a film’s ticket through which box office numbers can be produced. On the basis of these, star power can be gauged. Whereas, all dramas are available at home and you do not pay for them individually therefore¬†there is no way to measure the star power quantitatively. Ratings which come for the dramas don’t depict the viewership of the whole Pakistan compared to box office numbers which gives stats of whole Pakistan.


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