Adopting a parentless and heirless child is a noble thing but such noble causes become an identity issue as well. Same is the story of Ki Jaana Main Kaun and Meher (Minal Khan). Written by Uzma Iftekhar and Furqan Sahir, this is a compelling tale of a girl’s credentials which invite a big chaos in her life and of family. Love, greed, lies, deceitfulness, jealousy, revenge, selfishness and selflessness also are the main ingredients of KJMK (Ki Jaana Main Kaun).

Meher is fighting very bravely against the odds of the outer world as well as her inner self. The question mark on her identity (who is her actual and biological father?) has hit her very hard. This thing first shattered her into pieces but gradually she gathered the courage to battle against the harsh realities of life. Not only the identity matter, but she also has to bear the pain of losing her love interest and fiancé, Taimoor (Asad Qureshi). However, soon she realized that he was not sincere with her and was only interested in her property.

We see a mix of three genres in KMJK – social, drama, and romance. Uzma Iftekhar along with Furqan Sahir has tightly woven the story. Even after more than 30 episodes, people are watching KMJK with interest and ratings are high. Drama viewers in Europe also are liking it very much and TRPs are as high as 70,000.


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So far the relatability is concerned, this story depicts the real face of our society. Sincerity in love and hesitation in accepting a child without identity is not a normal thing among us. Such tales give us a fair opportunity to understand the behaviors of people around us and how to act and react in these situations.

Minal Khan is a very gorgeous and talented young actor of our times. Her chemistry with Faizan Khawaja (Faris) is really admirable. Not only in promos and teasers but also in the characters they give us a feel of a romantic couple. When they look at each other, their facial expressions and eyes tell the story going on inside.

Saad Qureshi and Yashma Gill, too, are fit into their roles and giving a great performance. It is very pleasing to see that our young lot of actors is so gifted that they can make people acknowledge their talent even out of the country. Alycia Dias has sung the OST of Ki Jaana Main Kaun by Ali Moeen. Waqar Ali has composed the song, Rabba Vay Ki Jaana Main Kaun, musically with a prominent sound of the flute.

Moomal Entertainment and Mohsin Talat have brought us a praise-worthy drama. Production has designed stupendously as we see the current trends in settings, dresses, makeover, and locations etc. So far, so good. We hope to see more like Ki Jaana Main Kaun from the team.


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