Khud Parast is a sensational piece of art that is running successfully on ARY digital nowadays. This serial is raising awareness on many important issues of our society including domestic violence. It is written by Radain Shah and directed by Syed Aabis Raza. It has a phenomenal star cast including Ramshah Khan and Shehzad Sheikh as its main leads. Let’s witness what Khud Parast is offering to its audience:

Excess of everything is bad

Ramsha Khan is playing a character of a modern girl Uswah who has been given too much freedom that she does whatever she wants and doesn’t let anyone else’s opinions and interference change her lifestyle. She is a kind of girl who makes friends of both genders, go for outings and stay out late nights.

This freedom seems to be problematic for her as she has made a male friend who doesn’t seem to have good intentions for her. Moreover, she has married to Shehzad Sheikh (Hanan) who belongs to a conservative family and is against the idea of women being empowered and liberated.

Domestic Violence being common

This serial is also bringing an important social issue of domestic violence into the limelight.  Hanan’s elder brother Moiz (Hassan Ahmed) is a type of man who doesn’t have his own thinking and just follows what his mother says. He is not even honest with his wife and also has extramarital affairs. In a scene where Beenish (Nausheen Shah) asks Moiz about breakfast, he slaps her just because she asked a question and says; “never try to ask anything again! Just do whatever you are told to do”. Beenish has a submissive nature and is silently enduring his mother in law and husband’s brutality.

All that glitter is not gold

The attractive external appearance of something is not always a true depiction of its nature. Sajida Shah (Zarina) is playing the character of Uswa’s mother who gets married Uswa to Hanan because of his rich background, his money and property. She has a strong belief that Money is the only key to a happy life.

Money cannot buy happiness

Uswah and her mother chose Hanan with a mindset that money can solve all their problems and being the wife of a rich man Uswa will remain happy but in actual, the scenario is totally contrasting. Uswa is facing a lot of issues and by having a look at the promo we can say that she will also become a victim of a domestic violence.

Relationships get destroyed when established on the basis of lies

Uswa being unaware of the Orthodox mindset of her in-laws face a lot more problems than she has expected. Hanan assumes Uswa to be a simple girl but when reality reveals upon Hanan he starts to hate Uswa for her lies and mistreats her. He starts treating Uswa as a typical husband who is narrow-minded and never allows women to be free in their choices.

Khud Parast is a story giving the social message to the audience. We are glad that the Pakistani drama industry is bringing such stories and taking social responsibility on their shoulders to ensure the spread of word through their unique instructive narratives.


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