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Written by: Radain Shah

Produced by: Big Bang Entertainment

Directed by: Aabis  Raza


The sad truth about our society is that men consider themselves superior to women and treat them as their property. This is a common reason which causes domestic violence that takes place at every next household, but it feels sad to know that sometimes not only men but women also become a cause of pain for another women. In the episodes of Khud Parast, I as a viewer feel so bad about Uswa(Ramsha Khan) who is bound by her in laws in every possible way. She can not express her opinions, actual feelings, and her overall true self. Being so liberal and independent before marriage, a girl always dreams of her freedom being the first priority for her husband, but here the situation is completely opposite. Uswa is not only bound by her husband but also her conservative mother in law who is trying her best to control Uswa through her son.



She is confined by her emotional ties and commitments in a way that at times she becomes helpless and has to accept whatever she is ordered to do. This drama is highlighting an issue which is mostly ignored by our society, giving the culprits a reason to be encouraged and the victims to be suppressed. That is why most of the women in our society, feeling inferior, do not wish to voice their opinions and pain they have been facing for a long time. Mothers should raise their sons to be respectful, specially towards women, so that they not only respect them for who they are but also respect their views and value their opinions.



In this episode of Khud Parast, each character has done justice to their roles. Specially Shahzad Sheikh who is confused and upset at the same time as it is becoming very difficult for him to choose between his wife and mother. At times you feel pity for him and at other times you might be furious. We can see how hard he is trying to make these two important people happy simultaneously. Even in reality, there are sons like him who prioritize their mothers over their wives and there are mothers like Amma jee(Asma Abbas) who cannot bear anyone refusing to follow their rules. Asma Abbas, being a strict mother, is acting up to the mark.



Then there is Ramsha Khan, who is no doubt an utterly amazing actress. I can literally feel her pain when she expresses her feelings and emotions to her mother. We can see, she wants to love her husband, but is also passionate about life. She wants to live her life to the fullest and this urge forces her to break the rules. Keeping her background in mind, any girl who once enjoyed her freedom will act like this if she is forcibly put in a cage. Radain Shah has as usual written an heart touching story, after Meri Guriya, focusing on the very common and ongoing issues of  our society. Followed by Aabis Raza’s exceptional direction which has covered all aspects; the scenes, the story and all the tiniest details.



Now we know that Uswa has argued with Amma jee which made Hannan angry. Uswa is still not willing to back down, she has had enough of it and now she wants to speak for herself. This is pushing Hannan to his limits and he might be ready to raise his hand on her. But will Uswa tolerate this abusive behavior again?


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