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The latest episodes of ‘Khasara’ have validated Mohtasin’s (Meekal Zulfiqar) indifference towards emotions. Sila (Sonia Mashal) becomes his third woman in these episodes after Linta (Sarwat Gillani) and his employee (Hajra Khan). Sila, surprisingly, does not show any hesitation and without waiting much, marries Mohtasin. It is after she is married to him that she realizes that she has not completely snapped out of the trauma of her divorce with Moanis (Junaid Khan). The realization is further strengthened by Mohtasin’s repetitive demands for romance. Sila’s decision thus turns out to be hasty and hollow, the hollowness arising from the relation’s basis being money, and not love. Sila’s hesitation at responding romantically infuriates Mohtasin and his anger also suggests that he might gradually move away from Sila as well in the coming episodes, for she is not succumbing to his demands but is asking for time to compose herself and forget her ex-husband. This is something that Mohtasin is unable to understand and be considerate towards.

On the other hand, another character’s different facet is revealed to us. Linta, apparently a fashionable and affluent woman, was initially introduced to us as a woman driven more by money and less by emotions. But the irony of situation that is presented to us in these episodes is that it is Linta actually who had loved Mohtasin throughout, had invested in him, not only financially but emotionally as well, and had even rejected her cousin’s proposal for Mohtasin, which she reveals to her cousin’s wife so that she may stop suspecting the two. These episodes show Linta falling into severe depression after getting to know about Mohtasin’s marriage with Linta.

While we sympathize with Linta, we are also made to think that financial investment and money cannot buy anyone’s love, for Mohtasin spent no time in proposing and marrying another woman. The empty marriage of Sila, agreed upon only after wealth-lust, also teaches us the same lesson that where money gets involved in relationships, it is a sign of the relationships’ failure, for relations are based on love and emotions only. On the other hand, the idea of flirtatious nature and sexual frustration is also exhibited through Mohtasin’s character, who needs romance all the time and when he does not get that, starts gradually moving away from the desired woman.

‘Khasara’ has also gradually started to explain the meaning of its title. Every character who thought that wealth was something important is in Khasara (Loss). Sila has made a big mistake by entering into an emotionless relation for the sake of money only, and Linta, who along with her love, also spent a lot on Mohtasin financially is now empty-handed.

This drama serial thus attains a novelty. Amidst projects that mostly focus on the issues of ‘saas-bahu’, divorces, illegitimate relations, sexual harassment and female subjugation, ‘Khasara’ comes up with the idea of wealth-lust and tells how excessive desire for money can destroy families and make people completely emotionless.


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