Our cinemas have started to flourish. We saw a significant turnout of cinema goers in 2018. The cinema industry has seen ample growth in both footfalls and gross numbers.

4 Films managed go over the 30cr mark whereas seven films went over the 20cr mark. However, it is worthwhile to note that none of these films has been a Khan starrer!

Khans have always managed to gross hefty amounts in Pakistan but unfortunately this was the second year in a row wherein they failed to create any lifetime records. Although we can not claim much about 2017 as it did not see the release of two major Salman Khan starrers however SRK’s Jab Harry met Sejal did release, and it embraced a very low lifetime total. This film took a promising start but quickly nosedived after its opening weekend into an abysmal pit of Khan’s dying stardom.

2018 has been an interesting year as all three Khans released a film but to much surprise and concern, none of these films could break any of the previous records. Race 3 was released one week late but the film crashed after its first Week. Its safe to say that this film only saw a huge opening because this was a Salman Khan starrer that came after a hiatus. His previous film Sultan came in 2016.

Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan had a solo release with three open weeks to its advantage but the much hyped and anticipated film hardly reached 15cr mark. Also note that there was no major release in the following week of TOH’s release otherwise the total of this film would have been even lower.

Then came Shah Rukh Khan’s film Zero. The film took a decent start and managed a hold over Weekdays however with Simmba’s release the following week, the film’s business was dented badly. The film is now likely to wrap up in the same low range as Thugs of Hinostan.

The combined total of these three Khan films will be around 40cr whereas the industry expected it to be at least 70-75cr. On the other end, Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju alone has raked in over 37.5cr approx. Film had a huge release flow unlike Thugs of Hindostan and it started off with a record pace and shattered all records.

Likewise, Padmaavat also emerged as a blockbuster by collecting around 22.5cr approx as per estimates. And now Simmba might also surpass Zero and Thugs of Hidnsotan depending on how it performs in its week two and three.

Distributors in Pakistan are habitual in investing a much higher stake on films which star Khans as compared to other films. However, the Khan starrers have disappointed the trade.

Consequently, this has put a huge question mark on whether or not will distributors want to put this much money on a Khan film as well as on the stardom of the Khans.

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