Written by: Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

Directed by: Nadeem Baig

Produced by: Six Sigma Plus

As we get nearer and nearer to the last episode, our expectations are at an all time high! This was yet another episode that delivered, especially in terms of dialogues which were the strongest of all. We yet again saw Danish struggle with what he should do, as he begins to get even more confused when Hania accepts the proposal and leaves the ball in Danish’s court. Mehwish is still drowning under her sorrow and attempting to bring Danish back into her life in any way possible. More than anything this episode served to create more tension between the characters and create more mystery as to what Danish’s final choice will be in the next episode.

My favorite aspect of this episode was definitely the dialogues which were the best they have ever been, all thanks to Khalil ur Rehman Qamar! The dialogues were thoughtful and reflected each character’s emotional position perfectly without sounding overtly dramatic. The writer also wrote them while keeping in mind the impact they would have on the audience, and suffice to say he got the wanted result!

Along with the dialogues, the delivery of the actors also made a huge impact this episode and made it memorable. Ayeza Khan was the star of the show as most of the deeper dialogues were hers, and she delivered them with grace . The change in Mehwish’s character is an interesting one as she does understand her mistake in driving Danish away but still remains under the false impression that she is deserving of forgiveness, which seems sort of selfish.

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Humayun Saeed as Danish was also a high point of the episode as the actor reflected his character’s dilemma very well; it will be interesting to watch what Danish’s next move will be as he is offered this cross-roads of a sort between marrying Hania or forgiving Mehwish. Either way, we hope he does what is best for Rumi instead of being selfish! Shees Sajjad Gul was also extremely adorable as Rumi too, plus we got to see some more of Savera Nadeem’s terrifyingly amazing acting! That story arc is one that I am interested to know the ending of, since the husband and wife dynamic between Maham and Shehwar has switched and left the viewers really confused about the future.

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Each aspect of the drama, from the directing to the sets to the writing, is wonderfully constructed in a way to allow the actors to work their craft and deliver impactful performances. The scenes in the old house with Mehwish as she sees flashbacks of what her life once was were wonderfully shot and provided a perfect melancholic air to it, all thanks to Nadeem Baig! Each episode has until now provided at least one such shot that leaves us amazed. We hope the last episode does not disappoint either and has the same charm as all the other episodes have had as well as a satisfying ending.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho?

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