Kaaf Kangana is an upcoming romantic film starring Sami Khan, Eshal Fayyaz and Ayesha Omer. This movie will be the direction debut of famous writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar. After his successful writing career, he moved to direction and this film will be his first step into cinematic direction.

Kaaf Kangana Official Trailer

In an exclusive interview with EPK he revealed what gave him the idea of Kaaf Kangana on which he had quite an interesting story to share.

A very famous producer from India came to Pakistan through an influential man’s reference to meet me. His plane landed in Pakistan and when we first met, we had a very good talk.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s writer said he was quite impressed by his thoughts and the conversation they had.

The producer showed much interest in making peace building movies. He said that he wanted to make movies that promote kindness and love and release the tension between the two countries. We agreed on the fact that the differences between governments should be kept aside.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar also thought that communication is the key to solving all problems.

When there is communication between people, many political problems will automatically be solved.

He was impressed with what the producer had to say. Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar was sure that he wanted to write a movie for that man, till the events took a surprising turn.

When we met after lunch, I sat down to listen to the story the producer had to tell. The story revolved around a RAW agent who enters Pakistan. Upon asking how he manages that, the producer answered that I need to think about it since I am the writer. Then, the RAW agent from India somehow manages to get past the border, enter the Prime Minister house of Pakistan where he is close to the completion of his mission but he falls in love with the Prime Ministers daughter. Now he has to take the girl to India no matter what it takes. How he manages to do all this is completely in the writers hands.

The story was very contradictory from the conversation they had a while back.

In reply to this story, I spun the same story but with an ISI agent crossing the border, entering the Prime Minister house in India and falling in love with the Prime Ministers daughter. This reply took the producer by surprise and he accused me of being biased. I simply refused to write that movie but saw the hatred that Indians had for Pakistanis. I understood how Indians feel about us and I wanted to make sure I answered back.

He admits that he was writing this story out of pure anguish at first but then his kind Pakistani nature overruled the negative emotion but this movie is still his try to answer back to the hate. Thus, Kaaf Kangana came into being.

The hatred between the two countries is not by reason, its by nature. I started writing this movie out of anger but I am Pakistani and hence behave modestly. Even with that, I have given an answer.

The movie comes out on Eid Ul Azha this year and stars Sami Khan, Eshal Fayyaz and Ayesha Omer. Watch the full interview here:


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