Khas has failed to create buzz as the dramas kicked off last week. The serial stars Sanam Baloch,Ali Rehman Khan, Anum Goher and Haroon Shahid in lead roles.

First Impressions: Khaas not so Khaas?

Although the pairing is fresh and this is Sanam’s come back to dramas after a long hiatus, it seems that she alone could not create much hype for the drama.

So far the drama has introduced all the characters and as usual we see a love triangle developing. In previous episode we saw Ali Rehman(Ammaar) see Sanam( Saba) for the first time, and he gets interested. Later he tells his cousin who teaches in the same university, so he asks her to find her.

Ali Rehman Khan, Sanam Baloch & Anum Goher in Khaas

The first episode did not leave much of an impression, neither did it leave us curious to see the next episode. This however is just the start, lets see what will happen next.

The upcoming episode promo showed that the two families will meet for the first time. Ammaar tries his best to impress Saba however his forward and blunt comments do not favor them as Saba looks unimpressed and rather confused.

Will Khaas End The Rule Of Do Bol On Wednesdays?

From the looks of it, the second episode will also be a routine episode and nothing special or exciting will happen. The pace of the drama is pretty much slow but we do hope things speed up. It would be rather disappointing if the drama has nothing special to offer, as we had high hopes from Sanam and also Danish Nawaz especially after Ishq Tamasha.


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