Hum TV aired the latest episode of Ali Rehman Khan and Sanam Baloch starrer Khaas yesterday. The episode was a bit better than the previous episodes as we at least saw some heartening moments unfold between Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) and Saba (Sanam Baloch).

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Pacing of the episode was slow like the previous episodes and we are still not sure what the director and writer are trying pull off here with the narrative. We didn’t see any strong dialogues. The drama does feature some fine actors in the supporting cast but they are all wasted with less screen space and below par characterization.

The main focus stayed on Ammar and Saba this episode but their act and the sequences were highly unconvincing. Some sweet moments were decent as they were executed in a good manner but the fight scenes seemed fake and remained awkward. The fight scenes also featured very poor dialogues and even Ali Rehman Khan’s performance was not compelling in those scenes.

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The best scene was the one where Ammar takes out Saba and her friend for a movie and an outing. That scene had a good flow and Ali Rehman Khan was very smooth in the scene. Full marks to director for that scene however Ammar starts criticizing Saba’s friend soon which was again highly unconvincing.

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Ali Rehman Khan has done very good work in those scenes where he depicts his charming side however he fails to portray his aggressive and cynical side well.

Sanam Baloch was great just like the previous episodes but she is not given much of an acting space. No one stands out in the supporting cast either. Overall it was a better episode compared to previous ones, but the drama still fails to be attractive.

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