This Friday another Pakistani film is releasing and this time it is a horror film. The film is titled Kataksha starring Saleem Miraj, Kiran Tabeer, Nimra Shahid , Kasim Khan and Mubeen Gabool. 

The film is about a group of individuals who go to explore and the place turns out to be haunted. The film has passed censor and has been praised a lot. The censor report of the film is good and looks like the film has potential to thrive.

Saleem Miraj in Kataksha

Based on this report we can expect that the film will do well at the box office considering the content is good. Pakistani cinema rarely get involved in horror genre. So this film can be a stepping stone for makers to venture into this field. The film has been written and directed by Abu Aleeha whereas it has been produced by Mansoor Khan, Ali Sajjad Shah and Syed Tauseef.

The trailer of the movie looks promising have a look at it over here:


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