Critic Rating

Written by: Seema Munaf

Produced by: Zeekay Films

Directed by: Furqan T. Siddiqui

The first episode of Kasak Rahay Gee has fully introduced us with the characters and story. The opening shots established that it is filmed in Karachi. Daniyal (Noor Hassan) is a typical husband who is not happy with Rabiya (Zainab Ahmed). Rabiya and her brother, Fasih (Faizan Khawaja) had to fall back on auntie Nasira (Sakina Sammoo) after the death of their father. Due to the same reason, Daniyal treats them very harshly rather in an insulting way. The cause of his unhappiness with Rabiya is that he wants a lively and jolly type girl while Rabiya is a domestic and simple one.

On the other side, Eman (Adla Khan) is also a typical middle-class girl whose biggest dream is to marry a rich man. She wants a luxury life with a big home, servants, a big and shiny car, and money in abundance. With the dialogues between Eman and her sister about an expected marriage proposal, it is quite evident that she can go any length to achieve her desires. The story introduction, as well as the promos, suggest that Eman and Daniyal are the two in accordance with each other’s nature and liking. She wants a rich man and he wants a full of life girl. Eman and Fasih will not be a happy couple if they are tied in marriage.

Nasira Begum is a strong and positive character. She, unlikely to the stereotype mothers, rebuke Daniyal on misbehaving with his wife. She is loving and caring for both Fasih and Rabiya. Only because of her, Daniyal is living with Rabiya despite disliking her. The debate scene between the mother and son was pleasing when she makes Daniyal understand to keep Rabiya happy.

Fasih is also making efforts to go up in the life. He wants to take Rabiya out of the miserable marital life but is helpless. She is living with a compromise with Daniyal but wishes for Fasih to make his own home and lead a happy and contented life.

Seema Munaf has brought us a good story with the strong conflicts of nature. We are going to watch a great drama when the expected wife of Fasih will be at the side of Daniyal. The OST of Kasak Rahay Gee is a beautiful and tragic one which depicts the life story of Rabiya and Fasih. Furqan T. Siddiqui has presented and captured the atmosphere and location of the family home beautifully.

The décor, lighting, and props for both the outdoor and indoor were good. The function of anniversary where Daniyal and Rabiya were invited, was well-decorated with flowers and sitting arrangements.

The big and tight close-ups of the face of Eman were good when she was getting ready. Then the following one was enough to tell us what type of character she is. In the next episode, the engagement of Eman with Fasih is going to be the starting point of a new drama for all the characters.


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