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Karwaan is mix of good and bad moments filled with good performance of Irrfan Khan.

Karwaan is a road journey of self discovery and such topic caters to niche audiences only. Film stars Irrfan Khan Dulquer Salmaan and Mithila Palkar in lead roles. Film has it’s good moments but they come at very few occasions. Such films must have good amount of fun moments but Karwaan has very few of them.

Irrfan Khan plays the character of Shaukat who works at a garage and owns a van which is used by Avinash i.e. Dulquer to take the dead body of her mother. Film has a very thin plot but revolves more around the moments of self discovery of the characters.

Film has very slow pace which makes it a bit boring except the fun scenes. Film has good performance of Irrfan Khan who is extremely natural and does exceedingly well in the fun scenes. Dulquer Salmaan is a star down south but his performance in the Hindi debut is just ordinary. It’s not type of start a star would want in the Hindi market. The girl Mithila is a liberal version of today’s women but gives a weak performance.

Film lacks a motivational music which should have been there in such road journeys. Script is below par as film gets boring or dragged at many places. Film takes good time in the first half for the characters to settle and that makes it a bit slow in the first half.

Overall film does have it’s moments but they are very few. Film is catering to just niche audiences and will struggle to put up numbers at boxoffice.


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