Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have ruled the Indian Cinema for more than 25 years now. With countless super hits to their credits, the trio has a humongous international fan following. After seeing so much success, as the Khans age, critics have started to wonder if the era of the Khans is coming to an end? The theory further aggravated after Shahrukh Khan’s last film Zero and Aamir Khan’s film Thugs of Hindostan failed miserably in their domestic markets.

A handful of recent Shahrukh Khan films have also underperformed in India including Jab Harry Met Sejal, Dilwale and Raees. While Shahrukh Khan in particular has been in hot waters, all three Khans are being targeted.

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In an episode on Film Companion, Anupama Chopra put forth an anonymous question to illustrious Indian film producers including Karan Johar. The question was on the theory of the “Khan Crisis”. She asked if the Khans are simply not as potent as they were years ago?

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

Karan Johar in particular was most vocal about answering this question. The producer said that this was the most ridiculous question put forth because the Khans can never really be over. Karan was of the view that age is a factor that can not be fought. He said that Khans can never lose their stardom, at most they are going to age, which is a natural process and this would change the kind of roles they do, they will need to do stronger parts like Aamir Khan already played a father in Dangaal however this would never rob them of their stardom.

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He talked about how in 2017 Aamir Khan starrer Dangal and Salman Khan starrer Tinger Zinda Hai emerged as two blockbusters and people said that the Khans were here to stay. Whereas after one or two Khan starrer performs badly, people start to circulate this theory.

It was also said that star power can be gauged by what the film rakes in on the opening day, and then later its on the content of the film whereas the Khans always rake in big numbers on day 1. All producers agreed that the theory was in fact silly.

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Karan Johar reasoned that their stardom can be gauged from their international following. When Dilwale did not do well in India, it still managed to become a blockbuster internationally.


He said, “Shahrukh’s film Dilwale was apparently underwhelming but you should see the numbers oversees, they are crazy! It made 25 million dollars, do people know that? The blockbusters dont do that number. So even their film that is mildly underwhelming is bigger than even the biggest hit of the year”

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Dilwale made a total of $26,580,000 dollars oversees according to Boxoffice India. The film ranked at the 5th while Dangal, Padmavaat, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dhoom 3 are on the first 4 positions. Most of the top positions on the list are with the Khans.


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  1. Mark February 3, 2019

    It means Karan is saying that people don't matter nor their ratings & viewing.. he is not only bias about other actors rather he is discriminating the masses in particular. Karan you are showing your true self...