Kam Zarf bowed out last night after a 25 episode long run. The drama’s narrative may have been along the similar lines of family politics and jealousy. However what matters is how the story is told, and Kam Zarf managed to stand out in those terms.

First Impression: Surkh Chandini Dares To Be Different

Nadia Khan has been away from television for quite sometime and in such case staying relevant matters. Yet the actress has come back and Kam Zarf is just another feather in her cap. Her performance and depiction of a self-centered, controlling, sadistic, selfish sister was apt. She made us hate Aima and after all that went down, made us convinced that her end was well deserved.

The last scene at the mental asylum gave us goosebumps, you really feel the loss of Aima and in some capacity feel sorry for her as well. That scene alone proves that television missed out on a versatile actress during her hiatus. She is the reason Kam Zarf was thoroughly enjoyed.

The irony of her fate was so clever, the very same brothers and sisters who used to worship her ended up not even knowing where she is, and the condition she had fallen into. While karma prevailed in case of Aima, she was also betrayed despite that she could not change herself or find in herself to be the bigger person, seek forgiveness and start over. Her ego and stubbornness cost her own sanity.

There is no doubt that Nadia was the backbone of the show, the rest of the cast had pivotal roles as well which they performed on par. Maryam Nafees as a head strong girl was very impressive. The last interaction she has with Aima was very satisfying and well deserved. Her character maintained the balance of the drama in a way that while the siblings always got inclined to please their sister, Faria talked reason and took a stand against her.

Junaid Khan’s character ‘s transition from an impressionable brother to a self aware husband was also admirable .Junaid’s performance throughout the serial was impressive. Ali Ansari on the other hand maintained a consistency in terms of his character and performance as well.

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The narrative provided a nice variety of characters with different characteristics which kept the variety going and the drama entertaining.The story wrapped up intelligently just like it had begun. The drama on the whole maintained a good pace and managed to stay crisp.


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