A lot unfolded in this episode of Kam Zarf. The episode was throbbing with tensions and excitement. It was fast paced and it managed to keep us hooked. Aima is finally married to Nabeel while Fozia and Azhar move in to their own apartment. After Aima’s consistent efforts, their childhood home is sold and everyone has been handed their share in the property.

While Junaid Khan and Rubab Hashim’s couple has been our favorite couple of this show however it was Nadia Khan and Alyy Khan’s couple that had us watching in anticipation.

Aima’s martial life is about to take a hit all too soon. Nabeel’s first wife has a hard time tolerating Aima’s bossy attitude and is likely to explode any instant. Nadia Khan’s apt portrayal of Aima really stood out in this episode. She depicted all of Aima’s insecurities and her many mood swings very well. Nadia Khan’s acting was once again the highlight of the show. The newly wedded wife has come with a lot of expectations which she is adamant to have fulfilled.

The way she forces Nabeel to do all the wedding “rasams” for her was comical, lighthearted and intriguing. Aima is a liner character who refuses to change. She is stubborn and bossy and therefore she was always anticipated to create a fuss about her demands.

Nadia Khan’s character keeps Kam Zarf Crisp!

However, Aima takes the first blow this episode when Nabeel blatantly refuses to do the Walima despite Aima’s anger. It will be very interesting to see how Aima reacts to Nabeel’s behavior in the coming episodes as she is someone who is not used to being bossed around. In addition we are curious to see what kind of an impact will Nabeel’s conniving intentions have on Aima? Alyy Khan as Nabeel is another very convincing character.

This episode largely focused on Aima’s character. Aima puts up a starry show in front of her family in order to show them how happy she is. She lies about her “Mu dekhai” and is keeping secrets from them. While her character has been generally negative, her naive behavior in this episode makes us somewhat sympathetic towards what the character is going to endure at Nabeel’s hands. What we do hope now is that the tragedy at least changes Aima for the good.

Tuesday Drama Reviews: Nadia Khan & Junaid Khan impress in Kam Zarf

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