Things are about to get interesting in Kam Zarf. So far we have seen Aima (Nadia Khan) dominate her siblings and making them do exactly what she wants. However she has a few skeletons in her own closet which may turn the tables on her.

Her marriage to Aly Khan’s character has been kept a secret for all these years, however now she wants it to be disclosed. Before she could tell her siblings, her younger brother finds out as he follows her and spots them together in a park.

Kam Zarf

Aima is determined to get married to this man now and keeps urging him send his proposal however he is not at all sincere with her. He only wishes to exploit Aima for money. After demanding a lump-sum amount of money from her, he now suggests Aima to demand her share in the property too.

Things are about to get worse for Aima as she will be exploited by her husband all the while her siblings do not know the whole truth about her Nikkah. The drama is about to take an interesting turn as Karma is about to hit Aima.

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