Recently, the drama serial Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein is ended on Hum TV. Apart from women empowerment, it gives a strong message and awareness to the working and domestic women of our society. Let’s have a look at what our women folk can learn from Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein:

Never give the financial authority to the husband

Husbands like Moiz Ahmad (Faisal Rehman) are, generally, the ones who rely and want to enjoy on the money earned by the wife. They don’t bother to have the burden of financial responsibilities. That way, the woman has to work for the family like the ox driving an oil press. It is totally indecent for a man to make the woman work and enjoy himself but the people like Moiz Ahmad don’t care at all. And the woman like Maham (Nadia Khan) has to tolerate the dictation of her husband. A working woman must refuse to open a joint account and give the authority of handling money to the husband.

A financially stable woman should never release the burden of responsibilities from the husband.

Blind trust in the husband is the biggest mistake

Having a blind faith in the man gives him an easy opportunity to enjoy with other women. He is not at all loyal to the wife. He has affairs with other women and spends money on them instead of wife and family. Whether a working or domestic wife, blind faith in husband gives only pain and grieves. No accountability leads to involvement in other women and cheating on wife. In a situation like that, the women in need of financial and emotional support start exploiting that man who is free of responsibilities. Then he will find a pastime and what else can be better than a woman for passing the free time?

Never lose a second option if available

We saw in Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein that after divorce, Maham got the second option in the form of Taimoor (Ali Josh). She accepted his proposal but after a bit of hesitation. If a woman has, luckily, the second chance of marriage, she must take it after contemplation. Her hesitation in finding another life partner because of being divorced and a mother can lead her to aloneness and emotional breakdown.

Financial independence and emotional stability are a must

A financially independent woman must take the charge of life in her own hands. She is not a destitute one and can leave the husband any time if he is disloyal and corrupt. She must invest her money wisely for a greater income and safer future. Moreover, emotionally strong women and wives can’t become a victim of emotional blackmailing.

Decision making is the most important thing

If a woman has the power of decision making, sticking to her decisions, and taking right steps at the right time, she will be the master of her destiny. Staying firm on the financial and emotional decisions is the key to success. A working woman must categorically decide not to let others play with her money and emotions.

Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein gives us a simple but very powerful message to both the working and domestic woman: never trust a married and irresponsible man. If he can cheat on the mother of his kids, he can cheat anyone. He won’t be able to bear the burden of responsibilities.

Saima Akram and Faheem Burney along with their entire team deserve credit for such a great message-oriented story.



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