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In our society, women who work in showbiz are usually considered as women spending a very happy and luxurious life full of freedom. It is thought that if their children are spoiled, it is due to their own negligence, for they are party-girls, and if they have clashes with their husbands, they deserve divorces because they are not good women who can run a family.

‘Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein’, a drama serial aired on HUM TV is such a piece that strives to change all these notions and present the dark realities of media women’s lives. Maham (Nadia Khan) is a woman who was introduced to us as a cooking show host when the drama serial started, but in the recent episodes, has grown into a character loved by all so much that she has turned into a brand ambassador of a company headed by the siblings, Taimoor and Beenish (Ali Josh and Mareeha Safdar). However, the fact remains that Maham never wanted to attain this post and travel the world, leaving her children alone but is forced by her husband, Moiz (Faisal Rehman) to do so, who neither works himself, nor does allow his wife to work smoothly and as she wants to. Instead, he imposes his own choices on her and tells what task and what post she is supposed to go for, and in such a manner that Maham is not made to realize that she is being used as a puppet but is made to believe that all that she is doing is for a better future of her family and children. Ironically, in the pursuit of this ‘better future’ as her husband puts it, Maham’s children have started to face negligence in the recent episodes, and as promised by their father, are not being taken care of. On the other hand, Maham’s mother-in-law (Ruhi Bano) also feeds Maham’s children against their mother, resulting in more weakened relations. Moiz has started to take interest in his ex-fiancé, Savera (Saniya Samshad) in the absence of his wife and has left his children on their own, which results in their disappearance as well after school at a point in the story. When Maham gets to know it, she instantly asks for the cancelling of her projects and rushes back to her children which infuriates Beenish. Her brother Taimoor, however, is a character that always shows politeness and consideration for Maham and also seems to be romantically involved in her.

‘Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein’ mostly focuses on two aspects, one of them being that the lives of working women are not always as glittery as they appear on the screen, and if they take divorces and their children turn into spoiled brats, it is not always them who are supposed to be blamed, but the other side of the story might be different at times. Their husbands might also be involved in bringing about break-ups and that is something which is often not addressed. The other issue it addresses is of subtle abuse of women, carried out in a way that the women are not always visibly abused through physical or verbal violence, but also through coaxing words and blackmailing that may not always seem like blackmailing. The writer, Saima Akram Chaudhry, however, creates a very fine balance and does not generalize traits. By incorporating the character of Taimoor, she tells that not all men are selfish like Moiz, but there also exist humble and considerate men. Similarly, Savera’s character also tells that where there exist women who spend their entire lives in strengthening their families, there also exist women who are bent upon destroying families for their personal gains. The intriguing questions which keep us curious for the coming episodes are these: Will Taimoor express his love for Maham? Will Savera succeed in re-entering Moiz’s life and destroying Maham’s efforts? Will Maham realize someday that she was being manipulated all the time? What will her response be?

‘Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein’ is Fahim Burney’s second project with Nadia Khan after ‘Manzilein’ which was released on PTV in the late 1990’s and was also a hit. Similarly, this collaboration of Fahim Burney and Nadia Khan is also growing popular and it is hoped that it will continue to grow so.


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