Critic Rating

Directed by: Fahim Burney

Written by: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Produced by: Hammad Abbas & Mukhtar Ahmed

Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main came to an end or should I say a happy end. Today’s episode was pretty optimistic but it had some flaws in editing it seemed like scenes were rapidly wrapped up. The episode showed that whoever does wrong to someone he or she has to pay for it in one form or in the other.

Moiz (Faisal Rehman) took revenge from Maham (Nadia Khan) by making a video to defame Maham via social media.

Taimoor tries to sort out this problem and invites Moiz at his place Maham also arrives there to meet Bia (Mareeha Safdar). Taimoor tells Moiz to make another video and apologize from Maham on social media in return he would give him 50 lacs. Maham humiliates Moiz that what kind of person he is. Moiz gives her divorce in reaction.

On the other hand, Savera reveals her game plan and real face upon Moiz and tells her that she took her revenge by deceiving him and rejecting him. After the span of Maham’s iddat Taimoor proposes to her and she says yes and like this episode ended on a happy note.

Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main portrayed the real picture of so many women in our society dealing with the same scenarios. A powerful storyline has won the hearts of the audience. It gives a message to the women to be financially independent because anyone who is financially independent and stable can easily take decisions for his/herself. Above all, it gives awareness to the people that if their marriages are not working they should not continue such relationship just to avoid a label of a divorcee.

In the end, it is not the world which matters it is a woman’s own happiness and self-esteem that should be her first priority. This serial attempted to break the stereotypes of our society showcasing that women can be independent, strong and can take good care of themselves without always seeking the support of a man.

The screenplay is also well written. As far as the performances are concerned each actor did a great job. Nadia Khan showcased her acting skills amazingly and did a marvelous job as Maham. Faisal Rehman was also brilliant as Moiz and fantastically performed a negative character leaving the viewers spellbound by his great acting skills.

Ali josh is very promising in his role as well. Bia a new actor done a short role but she made her presence felt to the audience. Other supporting actors also performed wholeheartedly especially Sania Shamshad as Saavera.

Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main being a story based on societal norms having powerful direction, nicely written script and strong performances proved to be a good source of social awareness.


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