Critic Rating

Directed by: Fahim Burney

Written by: Samia Akram

Produced by: MD Productions

The episode started showing Taimoor (Ali Josh) apologizing to Maham (Nadia Khan) for confessing his feelings about her and promises her that he will never say this again and will always be with her as her friend. Episode ends at a very interesting note showing that now Moiz and his mother are living at Savera’s place. Savera’s mother is not tolerating them and tells Savera that she is going to talk to Moiz and his mother (Ruhi Bano) to find a rented house.

Kaisi Aurat hoon Main has a powerful storyline with a theme of women empowerment portraying that women can live a healthy life on their own. If their marriages are not working they should not continue such relationship just to avoid a label of divorcee because at the end it is not the world which matters it is a woman’s own happiness and self-esteem that should be her first priority.

It is also giving a message to the women of our nation to be financially independent because anyone who is financially independent and stable can easily take decisions for his/herself. This serial is breaking the stereotypes of our society showcasing that women can be independent, strong and can take good care of themselves without always seeking the support of a man.

The serial is amazingly directed and nicely written. The screenplay is so well written that every scene grabs the attention of audiences. Outdoor foreign locations and some drone shots are really well pictured and edited. The glimpse of the fashion show was brilliantly portrayed in today’s episode. Maham and Taimoor looked beautiful walking on the ramps as their makeup and wardrobe were perfectly done. Dialogues of the play are so captivating especially the ones from a scene of today’s episode where Maham humiliates Moiz and tells him to leave her house.

As far as the performances are concerned Nadia Khan is showcasing her acting skills amazingly and is doing a marvelous job especially in today’s episode she delivered her dialogues with such perfection leaving the audience enthralled. Faisal Rehman is brilliant as Moiz and is fantastically performing a negative character leaving the viewers spellbound by his great acting skills. Ali josh is very promising in his role as this character is just made for him. Other supporting actors are also performing wholeheartedly especially Sania Samshad as Saavera.

The upcoming episodes hold a lot more. What will Moiz do will he take revenge from Maham? How would he react after getting to know that Savera is just playing with his feelings? Will Maham accept Taimoor as her life partner or would live her life alone?

A story based on societal norms, powerful direction, nicely written script, and strong performances make Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main a source of delight for its audience.



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