Critic Rating

Directed by: Fahim Burney

Written by: Saima Akram Chuahdry

Produced by: Hammad Abbas & Mukhtar Ahmed

The episode started with a scene pointing towards an upcoming twist in Moiz’s (Faisal Rehman) life when Rehan tells him that Taimoor’s (Ali Josh ) PA was asking for the house owner’s detail. Moiz gets anxious initially upon hearing this and tries to contact Maham (Nadia Khan) but Amal does not let him talk to her. Maham always keep thinking about Moiz’s deception and keep hurting herself by remembering all those moments she spent with Moiz. During that Moiz again calls Maham and ask her about the property matters but she doesn’t tell him the truth and makes excuses to evade Moiz.

On the other hand Amal calls Danish (Daniyal Arshad) and gets angry upon her when she gets to know that Danish went to Amal’s house for her proposal. While Saavera takes advantage of Moiz’s closeness to her and tells him that if he wants to be with her he has to leave Maham. Episode ends at a very hopeful point showing that Maham becomes brand ambassador of a cosmetic company and Taimoor gives her surprise that her house is now registered on her name. This news turns Moiz solicitous.

Kaisi Aurat hoon Main is a powerful play which is amazingly directed and nicely written. It has a very strong story line with a theme of women empowerment and it also addresses the stereotypes of our society. This drama highlights the problems a woman can face due to her negligence which she shows only to save a relationship giving a strong message to all the women out there suffering from same painful situation that it is important to be mentally active and not to trust blindly.

Screen play is so well written that every scene grabs the attention of audiences. Outdoor foreign locations are fully compatible to different situations in the scenes and are beautifully picturized which is undoubtedly responsible for adding glamour in the serial. The melodious OST running in the background makes emotional scenes more heartfelt for the audience.

As far as the performances are concerned Nadia Khan has an amazing screen presence and is doing a marvelous job, as her character Maham is winning the hearts of the audience. Faisal Rehman is brilliant as Moiz and is fantastically performing a negative character leaving the viewers spellbound by his great acting skills. Ali josh is very promising in his role as this character is just made for him. Other supporting actors are also performing wholeheartedly especially Sania Samshad as Saavera.

The serial has so much to offer in the upcoming episodes as well. What will Moiz do to turn the situation in his favor again? Will he compromise for the sake of money or will he take a wrong step just to take revenge from Maham? Will Saavera support Moiz after knowing everything? Will taimoor confess his love to Maham if yes then how would Maham react?

A powerful story, good direction, great performances and phenomenal cast make this drama a must watch.


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