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Kaisa Hai Naseeban focuses on carelessness of parents in getting their daughters married in a rush, especially those who arrange marriages abroad and end up being defrauded by the husband.  It can often lead to martial abuse and violence scarring a girl’s life forever.



It is very common that girls are married off to someone without thorough background checks and the girl ends up facing the consequences.We see Ramsha Khan in the lead who is dressed as a bride and she is stating the reasons for her marriage to her husband played by Muneeb Butt. She is tricked into marrying him claiming that he is very rich and will live a happy live, however as the teaser progresses we see her in Malaysia doing all household chores, alongside working petty jobs and on top of it being abused as well.



The drama is raising voice against a common evil in our society where women are taken for granted. We are currently loving Ramsha as Uswa in Khudparast, however even Khud Parast has domestic violence angle. Lets see what this serial has to offer.


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  1. Laila March 16, 2019

    This drama is not simply about the negligence or carelessness, as you put it. Her parents shut all their doors on their daughter, their flesh and blood, when sending her off. Remember what her father told her? To keep his "maan". To consider the doors of her childhood home closed for good and to only visit them happy and with rhe permission of her husband and in laws.What kind of parents do that? Has their relation finished because she is married? Why doesnt this separation from the family not apply to the boys? No they just drag their bride home to live and care for their parents and siblings. Like a live in maid and she is exepected to ask for permission to visit her own blood? Wth.This mentality of abandoning daughters is the number one cause for the suffering of our girls. What girl will seek out of an abusive marriage or even contemplate divorce, when her own family are too busy with maintaining their damn "maan" and the infamous "izzat", even if it comes at the expense of the safety, happiness and life of their own daughters? Family who shut their doors and wont support or help their daughters? Isnt family for support, unconditional love and help?Girls have no way out. No family to support them, no network, no financial independence, no help. So they stay. This drama could have shown a supportive family. But mo instead we get the usual izzat oriented backwards and jahil parents who prioritize society over their child. What a shame.