Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Kaisa Hai Naeeban has been an eye opener for several reasons. This is 2019 however there are still some families who are so blinded by family and blood relations that they put their own children at risk.

Mariam is one such victim who is married off to her paternal aunt’s son without thorough background checks. Her parent don’t feel the need to so so as they have blind faith. However soon after she reaches Malaysia they reveal their real faces, and Mariam is stuck with merciless husband.

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After several failed attempts to make her voice heard, in last week’s episode Ahmad’s violence results in Mariam enduring miscarriage. This is certainly the last straw after which Mariam can no longer tolerate their injustice and mistreatment.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban Poster
Kaisa Hai Naseeban Poster

The next episode’s promo shows that Mariam is back in Pakistn and has confessed the truth to her parents. However her confession has come at a heavy price. Here the question that needs to be raised is that why is it that no action is taken before matters escalate?

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Girls need to be equipped with the confidence and strength that they can confide in their parents before things get worse, instead being emotionally blackmailed into not saying anything.

The drama has been questioning society’s stance on marriage!

The sad part about the teaser is that despite knowing everything, Mariam mother tries to convince her to forgive her husband and aunt and go back! This is the seed of the problem in our society, where the ultimate goal for many parents is to make sure their daughters maintain their marriage nevermind the cost. There is a dire need for the change in this mindset.

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Hopefully we will see Mariam rise above and take a firm stand for herself. Either way tonight’s episode will certainly change the pace of the show and we will finally see Mariam come out stronger and determined!

Check out the teaser here and lets us know what you think!


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  1. Laila March 16, 2019

    This drama is repugnant. It reinforces same.old stereotypes and keeps women.enslaved in the same old mindset where you must only leave your husbands and inlaws house in a coffin. Not alive. You stay put at all costs. He can beat, abuse her, throw her out, divorce her, take her possessions, make her worl to feed his family, lie, cheat on her, marry another woman and force her to tolerate anything even her own death. Anything. As long as people dont have anything ro talk about. Her father told her to always keep his MAAN and only visit them.happy with the permission of her inlaws. Why are we teaching our women to be submissive cowards and doormats?' Islam certainly doesnt do this. It gives women and men orecious mutual rights. Rights which girls have failed to educate ourselves on. Whats the point of education if you dont fight for your rights and live a respectable life with love and kindness and instead opt to live in a degrading, dehumanizing and abusive marriage?When will we see dramas which offer us steong characters and heroines who will defy society and their jahil culture oriented families and fight for what is right? Who will not just accept this as fate or Allahs will. Because Allah tells us to not be oppressed. Oppression is haram for believers. Divorce is not bad or a taboo. Food for thought. We need to offer strong female leads and fighters. Women who are brave. I swear these dramas are often just brainwashing us to stay stuck in the same old suppressive narrative where a woman is nothing but a doormat.Change that. Its tiresome. It also reinforces negativity. Challenge this iron hold of patriarchy.