Kaisa Hai Naseeban is a play which has been original and unique with its story line, tactful about how it dealt with such a sensitive issue of domestic violence and swift and intriguing in its pacing. The play has been among the top favorites of many and has consistently been in EPK’s top 5 dramas of the week too.

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The last two episodes of the drama unfolded a lot of events. Mariam is able to return to her home with Waheed’s help. She exposes everything to her parents and this time Mariam’s father believes her and cuts off all ties with his sister and Ahmed.

Mariam’s parents have finally released that they have ruined Mariam’s life. Although the realization was slow and gradual which rendered Marina’s life painful, the drama has successfully delivered its message. While Mariam’s father suffers a heart attack, the drama has highlighted the need of running through investigation into a family before marrying a daughter off. It also preaches not to blindly trust anyone, even if it is extended family.

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With all done and dusted, it appears Ahmed and his family will finally be facing consequences for their actions. The promo of the drama tells us that its time for some well deserved Karma as Ahmed’s sister realizes her folly and expresses her hatred for her brother. Ahmed’s mother is also devastated about being unmasked and losing her respect.

We see a furious Ahmed who is still seeking and planting his revenge on Mariam however Mariam will not be a easy prey this time. Mariam’s resolve has hardened and we love how strong and brave she has become by virtue of her bad experiences. While the audience is no longer worried about Mariam, they are still very curious about whom will Mariam end up with?

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From the promo, it appears Mariam’s brother-in-law Affan still has feelings for Mariam. Her sister Farah also discovers that her husband liked Mariam when she overhears Affan and his mother talk.

While on the other hand, Waheed has left Ahmed’s sister and he is also Mariam’s savior. To some extent we all want Waheed to come to Pakistan and marry Mariam.

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Another possibility predicted by many is that Farah will die a natural death and Mariam will be left to fend for her sister’s children. Affan and Mariam will marry eventually.

This turn of events means uncertain things for Mariam’s future but so far she is facing every challenge bravely and we have become extremely invested in her story! Ramsha Khan absoultely shines in her character.

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It also appears the much loved drama Kaisa Hai Naseeban is approaching its end and we are rooting for karma to hit Ahmed, a character we have come to hate because of Muneeb Butt’s apt performance.

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