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Wednesday dramas: Kaisa Hai Naseebam Vs Qaid Vs Tajdeed e wafa

Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

A very satisfying conclusion to a drama we have loved and watched religiously ever since its first episode! Ahmed who had forced his way into Mariam’s house tries to exert his authority as the son-in-law but faces only the anger and rejection from Mariam’s family who have no mercy left for him. Many things Ahmed attempts in order to reinstate himself into authority don’t work out, and he is finally arrested and thrown into prison.

Stubborn as he is, Ahmed still refuses to sign the divorce papers and so the matter is taken into court. At this point, Ahmed’s mother and Sana return to Pakistan and do their best from emotional blackmail to begging to get Ahmed free. But thankfully this time the justice system actually works in favor of the victim and Ahmed is sentenced to jail as well as signing the divorce papers.

Muneeb Butt & Ramsha Khan continue to impress us in Kaisa Hai Naseeban

In a last-ditch effort, he tries to escape but gets into an accident which cripples him for life and also knocks some sense into him when he realizes what a horrible person he had been. The drama wraps everything up neatly by showing the villain actually suffering through life and the victim managing to build a life for herself independently and becomes successful.

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I think the ending was the bow on top because it didn’t resort to tropes where the villain goes mad or is killed; instead he actually suffers which is a precedent that should be set for all dramas. The acting in this drama has been brilliant from Ramsha Khan to Muneeb Butt who played a negative role so well I actually hated him! The cast, the production team as well as everyone who worked on this should take a bow!

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Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

Last week’s episode showed Reham revealing certain hidden secrets to Ashir, which destabilizes the already dangerous situation in the family. Now, Ashir’s mother gives him an ultimatum: marry Farah and remove Reham from the house as soon as possible. But with Ashir having found out the truth about the reality, he is unable to decide or make a quick decision regarding Reham. So he goes to talk to her once again and asks her if she ever loved him.

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With this, Reham reveals to him further things she had concealed about that time and it seems Ashir is beginning to actually be on Reham’s side finally. But Farah overhears this conversation and is smart enough to know that she needs to get Ashir’s mother on her side for her to ever marry Ashir.

Although the basis of the plot is pretty interesting and the writing has managed to keep it relevant with each passing episode, there still is a certain lag in the progress which should at this point be moving forward. As things keep coming out in the drama, the writers should really consider accelerating the speed of the plot to some extent.

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Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

A very confusing mess has been created in Tajdeed e Wafa between Arsal, Vareesha and Hareem. It’s so confusing to follow the track of their love triangle because the audience never truly know who knows what. Vareesha and Hareem are interacting but most of their conversations are akin to catfights, whereas Arsal has just started begging Hareem to forgive him and threatening Vareesha every chance he gets.

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Honestly these characters have become such a disappointment because they had so much potential. Asher seems to also be going through some rough times as he finds out about his mother and added on to that is Neha who still is in a coma. While Tajdeed e Wafa had been worth some hope at the start, now I just don’t see it redeeming itself from the mess it has made of its characters who honestly were well-written at the beginning. Let’s just hope it ends soon and at the very least Asher and Neha have a happy ending. 

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Our winner is Kaisa Hai Naseeban which ended with a satisfying conclusion! Rarely dramas have endings which wrap everything up perfectly but Kaisa Hai Naseeban made it memorable and we will definitely remember it as an excellent drama! It will be interesting to see what drama replaces it and if it manages to live up to Kaisa Hai Naseeban. 

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