Kaaf Kangana

EPK exclusively presented to you the trailer of much anticipated film of the year Kaaf Kangana. The film comes form the acclaimed writer Khalil ul Rehman Qamar, who has translated his vision by not only writing but also directing this flick.

Exclusive: Ayesha Omer Dazzles in Kaaf Kangana’s Song.

The film stars Sami Khan and Eshal Fayyaz in lead roles, and it tells a classic tale of love between a Pakistani boy and an Indian girl. While we had shared that the music of the film was quite exceptional, the trailer gave a sneak peek of two of the songs as well and they both sound good.

The film has been shot in various locations of Lahore and the shots have been captured beautifully.We also get to hear some powerful dialogues especially by Fiza Ali who is playing Kangana’s (Eshal) sister. She really stood out in the trailer with her exceptional dialogue delivery and performance.It seems that she will be standing up for her sister against their father.

The leading lady Eshal is making her debut with this film, and she looks beautiful. Sami Khan is no stranger to silver screen, however he has come back to it after a long time. The dapper hero had begun the year with thriller Gumm. This year he has numerous films to offer. His comedy flick Wrong No 2 alongside the gorgeous Neelum Munir has just released, and it is doing well at the box office.

Sami is a refined actor who’s versatility can be judged by the fact that his films all belong to different genres, yet he has fit into his avatar like a glove. In Kaaf Kangana he plays a romantic hero madly in love and willing to go to lengths to attain that love. His performance is admirable and convincing. Khalil ul Rehman Qamar’s son Aabi Khan is debuting with this film. Ayesha Omer and Sajid Hasan will also be seen in the movie.

From an ace writer like Khalil ul Rehman Qamar, we expect another masterpiece like Punjab Nahe Jaungi. The trailer has been met with great response with many appreciating the old school vibes that this film is giving off.The trailer does promise action, romance and beautiful music, an all rounder in short. So only time will tell where Kaaf Kangana stands.

We are all geared up to be pleasantly surprised as this film is the work of powerhouse of talent after all. One thing is for sure, we can anticipate excellent dialogues and well thought out characters.

Kaaf Kangana is slated for release on Eid ul Azha and will be coming opposite Heer Maan Ja ,Parey Hut Love, Zarrar and Superstar.

Kaaf Kangana Features A Visually Stunning Romantic Number


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