Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan’s Baandi has been telling a rather different story, that brought together a village girl Meeru with a city police officer Wali also happens to be her employer’s son.

Drama Recommendation: Baandi Tying Up Loose Ends

Aiman Khan in Baandi

Aiman Khan & Mubeeb Butt’s Baandi makes a good watch!

Meeru has endured a lot of pain at the hands of Wali’s parents and escapes a murder attempt but is left completely burnt. Wali has finally found out the truth about his parent and now is out to avenge them along with
Tahwaar  .

Yasir Hussain as Tahwaar 

The upcoming episode showed the stubbornness of his mother who is hell bent to ruin her own daughter’s life who has finally managed to break free from her husband and is happy! Her ex-husband is determined to make her life miserable and take his daughter away.

The Love Triangle Keeps Aangan Crisp!

Hina Dilpazer as Faiza Begum

On the other hand Wali has completely disowned her parents and is now ready to arrest his own mother for her crimes. The oppressors are finally getting what they deserve and the story is wrapping up.

Madiha Imam Shines in Mera Rab Waris

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