khalid bin shaheen, junoon-e-ishq

Recently news surfaced in some newspapers that the upcoming Pakistani film Junoon-e-Ishq has cleared censor without any cuts by the Sindh censor board.

SherDil Cleared For Release By Censor Boards

Addressing these reports the Chairman Sindh Censor Board Khalid Bin Shaheen said that the news is false.He further stressed upon the fact that this news may have been released by producers or any other source, either way strict action needs to be taken against it.

News Flash: Laal Kabootar Cleared For Release By Censor Boards

“The film has not been exhibited in front of the censor board as yet so how can we clear it?” He also warned producers and distributors that no film can be exhibited in cinemas without getting censor certificate from censor board. If any such occurrence is brought to our attention strict action will be taken.

Breaking News: Another censor board fiasco


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