After the immense love Junaid Khan received on his recent projects Ishq-Tamasha (Hum Tv), Silsalay (Geo Tv) and Khasara (Ary), the versatile singer turned actor will be seen on Geo Tv, in his upcoming drama, Kasa-e-Zaat. Junaid Khan has graced us with popular song hits through Call (band), the superstar has now busied himself in giving us one entertainer after another in the form of dramas with his commendable acting skills.

We got in touch with the actor and interviewed him regarding his upcoming drama. Here’s what he has to say!



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What made you choose this drama?

There are a few things I consider before finalizing a script. The first thing is the script itself. I assess how well the script has been knitted. What is my character like and how important is the character? Secondly the director and then also which channel the drama will air on. This project has been directed by Zeeshan Ahmed. I have previously worked with him on the drama serial “Main Kaisay Kahun” which was a very good project. I particularly like his method of storytelling. He is also a very friendly guy. The script of Kasa-e-Zaat is well written. It has many elements which will entertain and hook the audience. I especially like my character, therefore I choose this drama.


What is your character like?

My character’s name is Azir. He has four siblings. The eldest sister is played by Nadia Khan. My character is the second eldest. He plays a mediator between the eldest sister and the younger ones. Whenever the eldest sister reacts, he consoles and calms her and whenever the younger ones need him, he is there for them.

He is a caring and emotional guy. He is your typical middle class family oriented guy. However he stands out as a caring, romantic and a simple man.

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What do you like and dislike about your character? And can you relate with him?

Well, I like the fact that he is a neutral person. He respects everyone from his elders to his young ones. He knows how to love and care for people.

I dislike the fact that this character has trouble saying “No” to people. Of course, many a times, you have to stand up for yourself. You have to tell people that I don’t like this or this is out of my comfort level. However this character hesitates. Which is also something I can relate to, to some extent because yes there was a time in my life when it was difficult for me to say “No” to people. Sometimes you listen to people out of care and respect. But then I realized that one has to say no at times. If there is something you do not feel comfortable with, say “No”. This is a quality I acquired over time. So yes, this is that one trait I can relate to.



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How has your experience working on this drama been so far?

My experience has been very good. The production house is Mastermind Tv media productions & films. Hassan Zia owns it. They have previously produced films such as Mehrunisa V Lub U and Wrong Number. They have also produced many dramas and have been occupied in film production since 2-3 years now. So this could be said to be their comeback in dramas.

Their process of production goes very smoothly. There are no problems, big or small. They cater to everything. They provide comfort to actors. Everything that is required for shooting is readily available for director’s use. There is proper working and pre-planning done. They are no hindrances in between. They work professionally and efficiently.

In fact, Nadia, Rubab and I along with the entire cast, used to sit and talk about how comfortable and fun the whole project has been and how smoothly and fast it wrapped up.



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Why should everyone watch this drama?

Well it’s a complete family entertainer. The cast is very good. It has Nadia Khan, Rubab Hashim, Mariam Nafees, Sumaiyya Bakhsh and I. It has many characters and all the actors have played their parts to perfection. The director has played his role as the captain of the ship, he has steered the entire script and gave it excellent visuals. The storytelling is very good. The promos look great.

I really believe that the audience is going to relate to this and be hooked to this. The drama will be airing on Geo Tv in January, on a Monday. I am sure people will like this play. They will get to see a different side of Nadia Khan. They will get to see a different side of me and they will get to see a different side of Rubab Hashim. Do check it out.


Well there you have it, as the actor talks fondly about his upcoming drama, we also have high hopes from this one! With a talented cast and an interesting storyline, we look forward to this promising upcoming drama.

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