South Asian Forum for Art and creative heritage has announced that they will be holding a film festival in New Delhi. This festival will feature films from Pakistan. Epk interviewed the founder of this Ngo, Harsh Narayan.

Harsh Narayan, who is also the creative director and curator of Pak international film festival, revealed that he was in Pakistan curating the event. He had brought along some eminent filmmakers for the event. During the festival, they realized that a lot of work is now being done in the Pakistani cinema. They also watched some Pakistani films and realized that these should also be seen by the Indian audience.

In an conversation with EPk, Harsh Narayan told us that the films which will be playing in the festival include Teefa in trouble, Moor, Dobara Phir se and Ho maan jahan. He also expressed his wish to screen JPNA and Punjab Nahe Jaungi in India too. He told us that they were unable to reach the makers of these films and therefore could not include it.


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Entertainment Pakistan bridged the distances and has since reached out to Humayun Saeed. Humayun Saeed responded positively.

He tells us that he was not aware of the festival or of any attempts being made to reach him. He was grateful that Epk reached out to him. In an interview, he said that I was informed by EPk that this is a good film festival. He said that Epk suggested that two of our films which have done the most amount of business in Pakistan should go in this festival and audience over there should also watch them.

Hamayun Saeed added that he was happy that things worked out and that his films were selected. The actor will be attending the festival along with the director Nadeem Baig and the head of the film, Irfan Malik.

He added, that he wishes his films will receive a good response as they did in China film festival. Punjab nahe jaungi  was screened and won an award there.

He said, “At this festival, even if the film doesn’t win, our goal is that people come out to watch them.”

We are truly humbled that he acknowledged our efforts and are also very excited for all the films that will be screened. Hopefully the audience over there will like them as much as we did.


Watch Hamayun Saeed’s interview here:


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